Why You Shouldn’t Have Your Keyword In Your Domain Name

Choosing A Domain

Search engine optimization professionals know putting your keyword into the domain name to rank better with the search engines no longer works in helping you rank better with the search engines. A while back Google did an update to their algorithm to eliminate this issue. Having your brand name appear as your domain name is smart for traditional marketing and SEO marketing and here is why.

When you type in a search term into Google, Google is going to analyze that keyword and find the websites that have relevant content to your search.  If you were to name your website after a popular search phrase, Google will not be able to distinguish if the search is related to your business or to a growing interest in that particular search phrase. So, if your domain name is unique to your company, Google can apply those search terms to your brand and this could help you in the search results.

You also want to remember that it is a bad idea to use your city name within the domain. It takes longer to type in the website address and also creates a road block for future company growth if you were to ever decide to sell to a global audience or move into new locations.